Open – Source Pros and Cons

Open-Source Pros and Cons

Other advantages of Open-source code are low costs, potential engagement of many great minds on one topic to make it as good as it can be, efficient, or standardizing the interface. Responsive to changes was already mentioned, as well as a great way for new programmers to learn good practices in code development.

Disadvantages to open-source code may be primarily in support. If you imagine for a moment that a piece of source code was developed by me at home in my freetime, then you could imagine that if I were busy, or not able to spare the time, the support for bug fix’s may be low, and since there is no money driving my time on that project, then I may have to put it off, or not even get to it. Then the only hope is that someone else looks at the code and picks it up where I left off. Also, since I wrote it, then it is limited to my experience as a coder, not a team of well paid, experienced, and dedicated effort group that continually use good programming techniques. Standardization may be an issue as well. Could be difficult to maintain a standard if different people are writing to the same code.

I think that Microsoft and others that maintain proprietary restrictions on their code do so because they need to be able to get a return on their programming efforts to support new efforts as well as control the code so that they can provide robust and timely support to known software instances.

The disadvantages to maintaining proprietary code would be that it is costly, potentially slow depending on demand, and may not benefit from the great minds that are out there that may otherwise bring some improvements to their software if they were allowed to view and improve it.

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6 Responses to “Open – Source Pros and Cons”

  1. hello i dont understand were the pros and cons are on this website

    • Lance Strzok Says:

      Hi Julie,

      I am sorry if I confused you at all, how can I help you understand them better? I am happy to do so. I did not do a comprehensive list, but I did list a few good things about developing software in an open-source environment, and then again, there are some cons, like how much support and for how long as well as the financial incentive or lack there of. Please let me know if I can help you understand any more. Take care- GLS.

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  3. Sabrina Sabino…

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