My favorite software

Some of my friends have asked what I would install if I purchased a computer tomorrow, and I thought I would put together a list of the software I would install. Please feel free to comment back with some of your suggestions.

My favorites are listed below.


Glary Utilities

Fire Fox 3

Google Reader, gmail, desktop,  and most of their web based apps, just one account

Feed Reader 3

Open Office 3

Google Notebook and Microsoft One note


The Gimp or



Avira Antivirus

Picasa 3

Aduna Autofocus

Crap Cleaner


Adobe reader 8

Let me know if you think I should have more here. Thanks.


4 Responses to “My favorite software”

  1. Google Earth, iTunes, TweakUI, Spy Bot Search & Destroy, Google Chrome

  2. Hi
    I’m doing lots of outsource work and I’m using ManicTime to record all my actions. For me it’s THE tool for the job.
    I rate ManicTime with 5 stars 😉

    I recommend to give this software a try!

  3. I love MWSnap for easy screen captures. I do desktop publishing and since this is free and easy to use, it makes my job much easier.

  4. […] For other suggestions, see my list of favorite software here. […]

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