Individual Performance Objectives for FY10

Provide consulting and publish on IC Social Media and Collaboration issues.

– Publish information on Social Media and Collaboration. -Compose, and publish, 6 articles that highlight social media or related software tools, make suggestions that address social media use or best practices within the IC, or articulate arguments for which tools to use, when and for what reasons. – Supports CIO FY10 requirements for information sharing, knowledge management IAW Provide consulting on Social Media tools to the IC, departments, divisions, fleet assets and individuals on an as requested basis. Provide chat room support to A-space, Collaboration Help, Intellipublia, Compass, and Evolution IC. – Actively seek, identify, and make recommendations for business practices that may be enhanced with the use of social media tools. – Document these activities with specific customers, providing clear problems and potential solutions for lessons learned and best practices usage.

Social Media and Collaboration Training and Software implementation

– Provide a minimum of 4 courses on Social Media and Collaboration to the workforce before September 30 2010. This course shall cover at a minimum A-space, Intellipedia, Inteldocs, Blogs, Intelink, Gallery, iVideo, Microblogging, IC-Connect, Sharepoint, Tag|Connect, and Instant Messaging. – Gather course feedback and make improvements to the course. – Identify and implement software that supports IC wide collaboration and software and hardware that facilitates the movement of data from system to system for analysis.

What do you think I should be doing this year? How can these be improved? Are they Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timebound? I would be grateful for constructive criticism and ideas.


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