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Shift of viewpoint – Analyst centric to Topic centric

Posted in Web2.0 Productivity with tags , , on July 8, 2010 by Lance Strzok

I have to say that I would like to see a shift in how we approach process improvement. Some views take an analyst centric approach where the analyst comes in to do their work and works on some topics. They have some peers, but they are focused on some subject matter and is assumed to have a relatively fixed network of peers that they are believed to know. Then we figure out how to enable them in their daily activities.

I would rather approach process improvement from a topical approach where so called lanes in the road are not the driving factor in determining participation. Only that you have people with expertise that you can allocate toward a well defined requirement. Then they work individually toward becoming more effective with the tools they have access too, and the process improvement is in how we enable them and what we enable them with.

What say you?