Major Changes to my Screencasting Process

OK, sorry about all the recent work, the old posts are still valid ways of screencasting, and depending on your platform and configuration, they may still be the best option.

But – Here is an alternative that I found to be easier.

Still uses Camstudio and the Lossless codec to make the avi file.

The process diverges there. New piece of software – Freemake Video Converter after downloading and installing the software, you then use this software to open the avi file you created with CamStudio, and then after it is imported, you can use the right hand button to edit the file and save it again as an avi.

After saving as an avi file, it is now the edited avi file.

You can convert it to mp4 to use locally, or upload the avi file to Youtube and then it will be of high quality, which you can turn around and then download the file as an mp4 that they convert it too.

Now your movie can be accessed from anywhere. For an example of this process, see this screencast.


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