Merry Christmas – with a little something else

For those of you that are curious, good friends of mine, or someone in my extended family, I am Catholic, and I celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday on December 25th.

On that day and leading up to that day, I may well wish you a Merry Christmas, and it would come from a desire to share one of the joys of my faith with you and others around me.

In recognizing which religious days are important to me, in no way diminishes from your choice of faith or religious following. It does not presume that you are Catholic, Christian, or of any particular faith – it is simply me sharing some of my joy with you. I should simply hope that I come to know you well enough to understand which days of the year are of importance to you so that I may in turn recognize your celebration of those days as well.

So why the hesitation with Merry Christmas?

I believe that it comes down to this question; Does replying with a “Merry Christmas to you too” imply anything about you?

It could, but of course there is language that could remove that ambiguity if you would choose to use it. I think I’ll share a couple of ideas on removing ambiguity and strengthening the reply.

1. As a Christian celebrating the same wonderful day, Merry Christmas to you too.
2. As a Catholic celebrating Christmas, Merry Christmas to you as well.
3. Although I am an atheist, Merry Christmas to you.
4. As a (…name of your religion…) not sharing the same religious holidays, Merry Christmas.

I think with a little more thought, you might come up with something that feels right for you.

So to wrap things up –

I would prefer Merry Christmas or one of the other statements above over “Happy holidays”. I just feel like “Happy holidays” waters down several very special occasions, and lumps together Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Surely we can find language to express something for each of those days.

In closing this post-

I share the joy of knowing that a truly wonderful day of celebration is coming, and the spirit of it is already alive and well within me.

Furthermore, it is not likely that I will be inspired to write much more in the next month or so, so I’ll do this now (a month early).

Merry Christmas,


One Response to “Merry Christmas – with a little something else”

  1. Lance,

    Love this & thank you for sharing. To embellish what you wrote, saying, “Merry Christmas” is a greeting. Additionally, it doesn’t prevent anyone to respond with their own holiday greeting;) God is good:)

    Have a great Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and happy New Year,

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