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Real Simple Sindication (RSS) What’s it all about?

Posted in School with tags , , on March 31, 2010 by Lance Strzok

The story I usually tell when it comes to explaining Real Simple Syndication (RSS) is about me as a younger man in my early days as a sailor. I had a PO box for an address, and seems like it rains every afternoon when I got out of school in Orlando Florida. So off I went in the hopes of finding a letter in the mail from family or friends when low and behold, when I got there, all I saw was the back of the box. (Shaking it did not yield any better results). So off to my room in my now wet clothes I went.

What does it have to do with RSS you ask? Well, what if my PO box sent me an email that told me first of all that I had some mail in my box, and secondly, it game me a link to that letter? Nice eh, now I would not have to go to the PO box anymore, it would tell me when I had something, and give me a link to the content that is in the letter. Now I don’t even need to go there anymore.

So RSS is really just a signal that you get when you get new information that breaks some threshold that you define.

How do you use this great idea? Well you just go to the sites you normally go too, and if they syndicate (share or post information via RSS) then you can look for the familiar orange looking symbol or anything that says RSS or feeds and sign up for notification of their content. Some allow you to refine the search, or just receive all new posts. Take for example this blog. You can subscribe to my new posts, or new comments to this post. From now on you will know when I write something new, or when someone comments on something I have written.

As for RSS readers, some email clients have RSS capabilities, and some browsers do as well, but I like Feedreader 3 myself. It is a great tool for collecting your subscriptions and getting to the new content. If you want a web based one, I have not found one that even compares too Googlereader. It is my preferred way to ingest all the feeds I have as well as alerts I can set up with Google Alerts. This keeps me aware of all content that the Google indexer finds as it crawls the net that meets thresholds (or keywords) I set.

If you have comments or questions, please let me know. I would be happy to answer them for you or help you out.