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Information Security – Impersonation Awareness

Posted in Web2.0 Productivity with tags , , , , on December 14, 2009 by Lance Strzok

I don’t usually post on this topic, but in my humble opinion, this case warrants it.

I have put in a call to the source to verify the following – but I would give it high confidence as I received it from some of my most trusted connections.

Subject: Information Security

As per our conversation earlier(I know it’s long, but it still needs to get out):

My ATAN came to work at approx 1520 8DEC09. Said that he was approached my a CPO at the Mini NEX onboard NAS Oceana wearing a Navy SEAL Trident. After talking to my AN, he said that the guy had asked the following questions: 1)How long have you been in the Navy?, 2)Do you like it?, 3)How much time do you have left? After my guy answered these, the CPO said that he was from FFSC and that he was having junior sailors fill out a survey. This survey contained Name, Rate, Rank, SSN, Phone numbers, Address, Command. When my AN didn’t fill out his SSN the guy said he needed the whole thing (and my guy complied). Now, this didn’t sound right to me so we (my AN and I) got in my POV and were on our way to FFSC to check on this when we saw the CPO talking to another sailor in the Mini NEX parking lot. Luckily I also knew the other AN. When I got out and the new victim said “Hey Chief, how have you been?” the CPO starts to walk off. I approached him and introduced myself as “Jason”. All!
he says is “I’m BMC” I told him my guy said that he had just filled out a survey with him and I told him I wanted to know what it was for. The CPO said “I don’t know what you are talking about.” I then asked where he was stationed, he said Little Creek. At this point I am getting pretty suspicious so I asked for ID. He says he must have left it in his room so I asked where his room is and he pointed to Barracks 536. I acted like I couldn’t remember the barracks number for a second and then said “Oh you mean 465?” the guy says “yes”. This is when he took off claiming he had a hot meeting so me and the AN went straight to security. When we got there, I told the Watch Captain the story and he said “He’s on this base now?” Apparently, this isn’t the first time this has happened, but I had never heard of it. We need to get this out to ALL sailors in the Hampton Roads Area. Below is a summary of things that were wrong with this picture:
1) When I introduced myself as Jason, all he said was BMC. How many real chiefs would do that to a fellow chief?
2) When I asked about the survey, he claimed ignorance. My guy had just talked to him less than 30 minutes ago.
3) When I asked where he was from, he said Little Creek. My guy said FFSC.
4) When I asked for ID, he can’t produce one. How did he get on base?
5) When I asked where he was staying, he pointed to 536. When I said 465? he said yes. There is no 465 on Oceana and I know which one is 536. Why are you staying in 536 if you’re from Little Creek?
6) He was wearing the old style CNT khakis. They stopped selling them years ago. That’s not a huge deal except there was an inch long pen mark on the front, very bad wear stains by the buttons, and no name tag. Sounds like thrift store to me. Plus is was pretty cold on Tuesday. Maybe the thrift store didn’t have the black jacket at the time.
7) A Trident with only the top row. I can’t remember which ribbons they were though. A SEAL CPO on this base is extremely rare. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, but it’s not a normal thing by any means.
8) When the watch captain said he had heard of this happening, why is it that every Chief I know was hearing about this incident for the first time.
9) When he tried to make the hasty get away when I walked up to talk to the one he was with trying to not even acknowledge that I even came up. And then the super hasty get away when I started asking questions.
10) Since when does the Navy send CPO’s (from FFSC, no less) around with surveys asking Sailors for their full SSN without even proving who they are?

If it could happen on NAS Oceana in broad daylight, it can happen on any base.

Please keep your eyes open and share this information with any soldiers and sailors you may know.